What Are Compassionate Allowances?

What Are Compassionate Allowances?

If you’ve filed a Social Security disability claim or you’re considering filing one, you may have heard the term “Compassionate Allowances.”

What exactly are they, and how can they help you?


Most importantly, Compassionate Allowances can fast-track the process of reaching a decision about whether an individual will receive Social Security disability benefits. These allowances are offered to those with particularly serious medical conditions, including adult brain disorders, certain cancers, and some rare conditions affecting children. You can find the full list of qualifying conditions here, and submit a condition for consideration here. If submitting a condition, you will need to provide information about the condition itself, as well as your own medical records.


When determining whether a condition merits Compassionate Allowances, the Social Security Administration relies on information from medical and scientific experts, the National Institutes of Health, the Social Security Disability Determination communities and, in some instances, even members of the public.


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