Understanding the Assessment of Veteran’s Disability Benefits by the SSA

Understanding the Assessment of Veteran’s Disability Benefits by the SSA

Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices made by our brave veterans. We honor those who served our country and part of that honor involves ensuring that veterans receive the support they deserve. The Social Security Administration (SSA) plays a crucial role in assessing and providing disability benefits to veterans. In this blog post, we will delve into how the SSA evaluates and assesses veteran’s disability benefits.

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Evaluating Disability Claims

The SSA follows a structured and comprehensive process to determine eligibility for disability benefits. When it comes to veterans, the assessment considers various factors, including service-related disabilities, medical evidence, and the impact of the disability on the individual’s ability to work.

  1. Service-Related Disabilities

The SSA acknowledges that many veterans acquire disabilities during his/her service, and these disabilities can significantly affect their future employment. The agency considers both physical and mental impairments resulting from military service, such as combat injuries, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other service-related conditions.

  1. Medical Evidence

To evaluate a veteran’s disability claim, the SSA relies on medical evidence provided by the claimant. This evidence may include medical records, treatment history, diagnostic tests, and expert opinions from healthcare professionals. It is crucial for veterans to compile a comprehensive record of his/her medical history and ensure that they submit all relevant documents to the SSA.

  1. Functional Limitations

The SSA also considers the functional limitations imposed by the veteran’s disability. This involves assessing the impact of the disability on the individual’s ability to perform basic work-related tasks, such as lifting, standing, walking, and concentrating. The SSA may evaluate whether the disability prevents the veteran from engaging in substantial gainful activity (SGA), which refers to work that earns an income above a certain threshold.

  1. Expedited Processing for Wounded Warriors

Recognizing the urgency of assistance for wounded veterans, the SSA offers an expedited processing system for those who have been awarded a Purple Heart or are receiving 100% Permanent and Total compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This prioritized system ensures a quicker assessment of disability claims, reducing the waiting time for benefits.

Our Veterans Deserve the Best Disability Care

As we observe Memorial Day and pay tribute to our veterans, it is essential to understand the assessment process employed by the SSA when determining disability benefits. By providing this crucial support, the SSA aims to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans and provide them with the assistance they deserve.

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