Understanding Compassionate Allowance Claims

Understanding Compassionate Allowance Claims

The Social Security Administration (SSA) created the Compassionate Allowance program in response to complaints that the disability application approval process takes too long. The application process for individuals with conditions that qualify for a Compassionate Allowance will be expedited so they can get their benefits as soon as possible.

Quick Decisions

The decision process for approving Social Security disability benefits can take up to two years and sometimes even longer, as the SSA carefully reviews an applicant’s condition and eligibility. Compassionate Allowance cases speed up this process, taking an average of 19 days for the SSA to process.

Qualifying Conditions

The SSA recognizes over 200 conditions as Compassionate Allowances. The list also specifies severity thresholds for certain conditions. For example, a stage IV cancer would be eligible for expedited disability compensation, while a stage I cancer of the same variety might not qualify.

To qualify, your medical records must indicate the existence of a condition featured on the Compassionate Allowance list. The SSA periodically updates the Compassionate Allowance list, so if your condition is not on the list, it may be added in the future.

Applying for Compassionate Allowance

There are no additional forms required to apply for Compassionate Allowance, nor is there a separate application process if an individual has a qualifying condition. When the SSA reviews an application, the listed medical disability is compared to the Compassionate Allowances list. If the disability is on that list, the application is flagged.

Once the application has been flagged, it will be reviewed and approved if there is medical documentation to support the claimed condition. While the processing time of the application is significantly decreased, disability benefits are not awarded instantly and may instead start a few weeks after approval. If you do have a qualifying condition, your application should be error free, and you should include documents to support your eligibility beyond a reasonable doubt.

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