The Ticket to Work Program for SSDI

If an individual has been deemed eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), this means that person statistically will never work again. But some want to return to work, even to a significantly altered role in the workplace.

Would this income put your SSDI benefits at risk when it may not be quite enough to make ends meet at first?

Enter the Ticket to Work program created by the SSA. This program provides a 45-month transition period during which people like you can still receive SSDI benefits while starting back to work in a new occupation, earning up to 80% of your pre-disability income.

It’s the SSA’s hope that Ticket to Work will help people get back into the workforce, providing a cushion to ease the transition and also test the waters to see how disabling conditions react in a working environment. While hopefully having the benefits will help you adjust to a new job and eventually be able to support yourself, if the work proves to be too strenuous, you can undergo a medical assessment during which time benefits will resume – no additional application necessary.

Still, it remains to be seen what percentage of people will “pass” this medical assessment despite being clearly unable to work due to their disabilities. That’s one of the reasons it’s important to discuss your case with an expert Social Security Disability attorney before signing up for any program that could potentially affect your benefits.

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