The Truth About ATV Accidents

The Truth About ATV Accidents

While ATVs are typically used by people of all ages in recreational settings, they are more dangerous than they seem. Their misleading name, “all-terrain vehicles,” suggests they can be used in various landscapes. However, ATVs are not equipped to handle every possible terrain.

This misconception has disastrous consequences for uninformed users who operate an ATV in the wrong setting or without proper vehicle handling knowledge. Contact a reliable attorney today to learn more about the truth surrounding ATV accidents.

How Dangerous Are ATVs?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 135,000 people are injured annually in ATV wrecks. Of those individuals, more than 700 were killed.

In addition, approximately one-third of the people who died in ATV collisions were under the age of 16. This data suggests a lack of education on the operation and safety precautions of ATVs that could prevent these types of crashes.

How Do ATV Accidents Occur?

One of the most common causes of ATV crashes is drivers exceeding the vehicle’s capacity. Just as the typical car has a passenger capacity, so do ATVs, and they are not made to transport more than one person at a time. Single drivers face a decent amount of risk when operating an ATV on their own, and adding another passenger increases that risk.

Approximately 60% of ATV deaths take place on public roadways. This is, in part, due to low visibility and the danger of interacting with other, much larger vehicles. However, the most significant contributing factor is that ATVs are not made for roads. With such a high center of gravity and narrow track with off-road tires, ATVs are not engineered to grab onto paved and gravel roads; they are better suited for wooded terrain.

ATV crashes can also happen due to defective parts, which are difficult to identify. Unlike cars that might give a dashboard alert or start making noises when there is an issue, ATVs provide little to no warning. Driving an ATV with malfunctioning or broken parts can lead to a catastrophic accident with severe injuries.

How To Prevent ATV Wrecks

People can take several precautions to avoid an ATV wreck from occurring. To begin, there should only be one person riding an ATV at a time, and they must stay off gravel and paved roads. Similarly, all drivers should wear appropriate safety gear, regardless of their age or experience level.

All riders under the age of 16 should be driving age-appropriate youth models. In addition, anyone operating an ATV should not drink alcohol before or while driving.

Consider hiring an instructor who can more thoroughly explain the risks and preventative measures to employ when operating an ATV. While there are steps individuals can take to avoid ATV crashes, these incidents can happen even to the safest of drivers.

Call an Attorney to Learn the Truth About ATV Accidents and Filing a Claim

If you, or someone you love, has been involved in an ATV crash and you believe it is the fault of another person or the manufacturer, it may be in your best interest to speak with a seasoned Personal Injury attorney.

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