The Importance of Follow-up in a Social Security Disability Benefits Claim

When you’re working with the Social Security Administration to secure Social Security Disability benefits, we recommend checking the status of a claim on a regular basis.

Why? Because, unfortunately, the SSA has been known to lose the paperwork associated with an application (which is why we also recommend making copies of everything) or reach a decision and not properly notify the applicant.

If the paperwork for your application or appeal is lost, your case will be put on hold as it cannot reach the proper personnel to bring it to the next stage of the process. This can result in months of lost time and possibly starting your application or appeal all over again if you’ve missed the deadline. Yes, this deadline is finite, whether it’s your fault or the SSA’s fault it has passed.

So if your case has been denied, but you haven’t been notified, you still have 60 days from the decision date to submit your appeal plus five days allotted for postage. So if you follow up three months after the decision has been made, you will unfortunately have to re-apply from square one even if it’s their fault for not notifying you in a timely manner.

Working with an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer can ensure your case receives the proper attention. The dedicated staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, will fight for your rights and ensure no detail slips through the cracks.

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