SSI Overpayment

Getting more money than you expected is typically a good thing. Everyone wants more money and given the amount of ridiculous game shows it seems people aren’t ashamed to embarrass themselves to get more money.

So what should you do if you unexpectedly receive an increase in your SSI benefits payment? If this happens you’ll likely be faced with a moral dilemma to keep the money and not say anything or to notify your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office.

There are a few reasons your SSI may unexpectedly increase. If the increase happens in January it might be due to a cost of living adjustment (COLA). Every October the SSA will determine if a COLA is necessary.  In this case, the money is rightfully yours and you can expect to see this rate on future benefit payments.

Another reason is that you failed to report a change in your income or living situation or that the SSA just made a mistake. Regardless of the reason for the increase, it is recommended that you alert your local SSA office as they will most likely find the mistake in the future. Once the SSA is aware of the mistake they will issue a notice of overpayment informing you that they will be deducting the surplus amount from future payments until the mistake is corrected.  Sometimes the SSA is willing to negotiate a payment that works for you. This will allow you to spread out the deductions over multiple payments.

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