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Social Security Benefit Application

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The social security disability program exists to help people in dire need of a financial respite, but the process of obtaining this respite can often prove to be a frustrating experience, with the stack of paperwork involved and the prolonged waiting period. The process gets even more exasperating if the application is not approved at the initial stage, leading to a lengthy appeal procedure.

Usually, consulting a social security disability lawyer prior to applying for benefits offers a couple of advantages to the applicant and increases the odds of having the claim approved at the first instance. The lawyer is already well-versed in the complexities and requirements of the system, so he or she can offer some useful advice on what to include or what not to do every step of the way.

The process of claiming social security disability benefits can sometimes be confusing and tediously long, even taking years to receive the entitled benefit. With a social security lawyer, this time may be significantly lessened so that you can begin enjoying your payouts as soon as possible.

Sometimes, an application may be denied due to some errors on the part of the applicant. For example, if there are conflicting reports concerning your disability between your claim and your medical histories, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may reject your application. Having a disability lawyer guide you during your application significantly reduces the chances of these inconsistencies happening.

Statistics suggest that an estimated 70% of social security disability claims are denied after the first application, so if your claim has been rejected, take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Usually after a claim rejection, the matter can be protested and appealed before an Administrative Law Judge. This is another avenue where the services of a lawyer will be greatly needed.

The lawyer will help plead the case on your behalf, sparing no effort in making sure you get the benefits you deserve. You can always represent yourself at the hearing, but if you don’t have adequate experience in social security insurance and legal proceedings, why take the risk?

If you are about to file your claim, or recently had your application denied, dedicated lawyers in Charleston, like Jan Dils, are committed to fighting for you and helping you receive your entitlements. Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law offers a convenient consultation process where you can discuss the details of your case over the phone so you don’t have to leave your home.



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