SSA Phone and Email Scams

SSA Phone and Email Scams

Social Security Administration (SSA) Phone and Email Scams

We’ve all heard about the many different phone and email scams that seem to be all around these days. Whether it’s someone telling you you’ve won the lottery or you’re past due on an important payment, unscrupulous individuals have all kinds of tactics for trying to get your money or your sensitive information. And unfortunately, that includes posing as Social Security employees.

Often, you’ll receive an email or phone call in which someone supposedly from the Social Security Administration (SSA) claims they need information like your bank account or social security number in order to issue you a refund, or because a computer error related to your account needs to be corrected.

In order to avoid being taken advantage of, do not immediately provide personal information by email or by phone. Instead, call your local Social Security office, or call the SSA at 800.772.1213 and ask if your information is actually required.

Learn more about these and similar scams from the SSA here and from the FBI here.

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