Some Doctors Are Cashing in on Personal Injury Suits

Some Doctors Are Cashing in on Personal Injury Suits

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, some doctors are beginning to see personal injury lawsuits as an opportunity to make big bucks.

How are they doing this? By treating patients who believe they were wrongfully injured by another party, then deferring payment until after the suit is settled, hoping the patient will win and can pay them a large fee from the damages awarded.

In some cases, this may work out great for both the patient and the doctor. But for the patient, it’s a risky strategy. It may seem enticing to defer payment rather than pay a big medical bill up front or rely on insurance, which may not cover all the doctors or procedures you want or need. But if you fail to win your case, you can be left with a significant amount of debt.

If you have medical insurance and it covers the care you need, it is advisable to use it, rather than hope for a payout from a lawsuit.

In personal injury cases, it’s required that you demonstrate your injuries are the result of the other party’s actions or negligent inaction. This can sometimes be quite complicated, and it is extremely helpful to seek legal advice.

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