Social Security Administration (SSA) Closures

A recent article in the New York Times documenting a Senate committee report revealed that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is shutting down local offices and decreasing the services they offer to the public despite soaring demand.

According to the Senate Special Committee on Aging, the SSA has halted operations in over 20 field offices over the last year alone. These closures appear to have been randomly selected, determined without consulting beneficiaries or field office managers to gauge the amount of need in those communities.

The report also indicated that, due to increasing demand and budget cuts, the SSA intends to shift from in-person services to a focus on automated, online systems as the primary point of contact.

While reducing customer service options is never ideal, it doesn’t mean people who receive benefits should lose all hope for immediate services. The SSA website can be a helpful tool to aide you and eliminate a trip to the office to resolve issues with your benefits.

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