Social Security Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a convenient way to send money directly into someone’s bank account. This service has been around for many years and is widely used by employers to pay their employees. In 2011 the Social Security Administration made it mandatory that all recipients sign up for social security direct deposit.

This mandate applies to both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). So if you’ve recently been approved for benefits, know that your payments will be made as Social Security Direct Deposit electronically.

Why is Social Security Direct Deposit Mandatory?

The SSA made the switch to Social Security Direct Deposit to keep payments safe from being lost or stolen in the mail. While some recipients may not feel comfortable or safe with the direct deposit system, this program has proved to be successful.


Direct Express

There is an option to use a program called Direct Express for SSA Direct Deposit, which basically works like a debit card. The SSA will deposit your monthly payment to your Direct Express account and then you can use your Direct Express card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

You can even use this card to get cash from your account. This is a great option for social security recipients who don’t have a bank account that supports direct deposit. Direct Express is free to sign up for and there are no fees.

Electronic Transfer Account

If you want to use a bank account instead of Direct Express as Direct Deposit, but don’t already have a bank account, consider an electronic transfer account (ETA).

These accounts were established by the federal government to make sure people who get federal payments have a safe place to get their payments deposited directly. Most banks offer ETAs and these accounts are regulated to ensure the banks don’t charge unrealistic fees.


How to Change Social Security Direct Deposit?

You can change SSA direct deposit information if you currently receiving Social Security benefits.

So firstly, Collect the required information. Then you can use Call a helpline. If you haven’t yet set up an account on the Social Security website, you also may want to call the website. When you set up a new account, you’ll have to wait for a temporary password in the mail. This may cause a delay before you can access your account.

In order to change your direct deposit information Visit the official Social Security website (www.ssa.gov), Login into your account and change your information.


The attorneys at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law  “Social Security Disability Attorneys Virginia” will take the time to explain the entire application process as well as how Social Security Direct Deposit payments work once you’re approved. If you’re in need of help applying for SSDI or SSI benefits call today for a free consultation.



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