Social Security Benefits for Depression

It is estimated that around 19 million Americans are suffering from some form of depression. Depression is the number one cause of disability for nonfatal medical conditions in the US. Symptoms of depression include: gloom, sadness and hopelessness paired with chronic fatigue and low energy. To help those affected by depression, the SSA recognizes depression as a valid claim for disability benefits. Social Security Benefits for Depression

To help diagnose severe depression quickly, the SSA developed a list of symptoms commonly associated with depression. In order to qualify for social security benefits for depression claimants need to have at least four of the following symptoms.

  •      Lack of interest or pleasure in most activities
  •      Decreased energy
  •      Poor appetite or overeating
  •      Insomnia or oversleeping
  •      Difficulty concentrating or thinking
  •      Lack of physical movement
  •      Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  •      Paranoia, delusions, or hallucinations
  •      Suicidal thoughts

The SSA also requires that these four symptoms cause you serious difficulties in:

  •      Activities of daily living
  •      Social functioning
  •      Focusing
  •      Repeated, extended periods of worsening symptoms

The majority of approved depression claims are not by the above list. A medical-vocational allowance is the most common way to get approved for depression benefits.

To qualify for a medical-vocational allowance the SSA will assess how your depression affects your ability to:

  •      Understand, remember, and carry out simple instructions
  •      Make simple work-related decisions
  •      Respond appropriately to supervision and to co workers
  •      Handle changes in routine

In addition, these symptoms and limitations must last or be expected to last a minimum of 12 months prohibiting you from seeking gainful employment.

If the SSA denies your claim for depression benefits, there is an appeals process you can go through. Using a lawyer who is trained in social security benefits for depression will be a huge help to your case. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is skilled in all kinds of disability benefits appeals, including depression. Calling for a free consultation is your first step to getting the help and benefits you deserve.


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