Social Security Back Payments

Social Security Back Payments: Because no one ever gets approved for disability benefits the exact day they become disabled, the SSA offers back payments for benefits. you must be eligible for Social Security back payment.

These payments typically come in a lumSocial Security Back Paymentsp sum amount for SSDI, while SSI back payments sometimes come in three SSI back payment installments.

The purpose of back payments is to compensate applicants for the benefits they’re entitled to for the time between applying and getting approved.

The SSA is overwhelmed by the amount of applications, so a long wait for approval is almost guaranteed.

The Factors affecting Social Security benefits.



The way SSI pays past due payments is a little different from the way SSDI pays.

One of the main differences is that SSDI allows for retroactive benefits to be paid up to 12 months prior to the application being filed if an applicant was disabled prior to applying, while SSI does not.  

SSI back payments may be paid back to the application date, not before like SSDI. Also, large sums of back payments for SSI are typically split into three SSI back payment installments. Each installment is released in 6 month intervals.

Another difference in these payments is the 5 month waiting period for SSDI. A beneficiary of SSDI benefits is not eligible for payments during the first full 5 months following the onset of their disability.

For example, if an individual is found to be disabled as of 10/01/2016, retroactive benefits will only be paid back to March 1, 2018 which is the 6th month following the 5 month waiting period.                                                                                                                                            

The Amount of  Social Security Back Pay

Figuring out How Much Back Pay Will You Receive? will be can be simple but many factors are taken into consideration.

In theory, you can simply take the number of months between the date your back payments go back to and the month you are to receive your first payment and multiply that number by the amount you are to receive monthly.

However, you must keep in mind that income and other types of benefits could offset a monthly payment.

Therefore, using this equation will only be an estimate. It is best to fully review all award letters that you receive from SSA listing your monthly payments.

Speak directly to a representative at your local SSA office to answer any questions you have regarding any monthly payment that could be offset.

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