Severe Anxiety and Social Security Disability Benefits

Individuals with anxiety and depression can suffer from debilitating symptoms. But does the Social Security Administration deem these impairments severe enough to qualify for disability benefits? In some cases, yes.

If a person suffers from anxiety and can prove it causes a significant impact on their lives and ability to work, then he or she could be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. Just like with any other condition, if the symptoms are mild and don’t affect the person’s livelihood to a significant degree, then an application for benefits will likely be denied.

According to the SSA’s listing for anxiety and related disorders, in order to qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, a person must suffer from either generalized anxiety, panic, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD, a phobia or a combination of those symptoms. (Full descriptions of what they consider applicable to those symptoms can be found on their website by clicking here.) The symptoms must render the person unable to function outside of the home or impair any two of the following: daily life, social function, concentration, ability to complete a task, ability to work at a proper pace or resulting in decompensation for significant periods of time.

In addition to the severity of the anxiety, the SSA will also evaluate how long the symptoms have been experienced and the likelihood the anxiety will persist long-term. The individual must have been unable to work due to the anxiety—or expected to be unable to work—for a period of twelve months or more.

If you meet the above qualifications, having an experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer on your side from the start will give you the best chance of success.

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