Settling Your Social Security Disability Eligibility for Benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is the government’s way of helping those whose physical handicaps or medical conditions are preventing them from retaining a decent job. As handy as this initiative is, federal law is very strict with what it considers as a “disability”. Those who fail to match the government’s definition of a person with disability will not be qualified for the benefits.

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While there are good reasons why the restrictions on SSDI applications exist (to prevent fraud, for instance), the rules can sometimes be detrimental to those who actually need the insurance. There have been numerous cases where even the most debilitating medical conditions were unfairly snubbed by Social Security, simply because the authorities could not determine whether the applicants were unfit for work or not. If you are planning to apply for benefits yourself, consider reviewing your social security disability eligibility with the help of a legal expert, so you can be made more aware of your circumstances, and properly assert your right to insurance.

Before approaching a professional to help you make your claims, you should have proper documentation of your condition. This means keeping records of your medical receipts, treatments received, and any medications prescribed to you. If you are suffering from symptoms or disorders that are not physically apparent (such as mental conditions, illnesses), you should consider maintaining a notebook or journal that you can record your daily life in. These proofs will come in handy in convincing authorities that you are eligible for SSDI.

Armed with the documentation of your medical condition or physical disability, you can approach a well-informed social security disability lawyer to help you handle the application process. Legal firms that handle social security applications, such as Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, will not just help you fill out your paperwork but answer any questions you might have about the process as well. Your lawyer will also appear with you during your hearing if you decide to file a claim, serving as your representative. The attorney should find the information you have collected beforehand useful for organizing your case in proving your eligibility. The same legal experts can also file your application if you have not done so, and can follow up on your claims so that you receive your insurance in a timely manner.

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