Reasons Why a Social Security Lawyer is Vital for SSDI and SSI Claims

Individuals with disabilities applying for their government-mandated benefits are often at the wrong end of their claims, mainly due to the long, arduous processes involved. Unless the extent of an injury, as well as its impact on one’s income or daily life, is wholly obvious and easy to prove, making a Social Security disability claim can be a challenge. However, hope is not lost. Reputable social security lawyers are your best allies during these times. Kay Derochie of DisabilityAdvisor.com explains why in the following excerpt from her article:

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“If you have any other situation, hiring a lawyer well-versed in Social Security Disability law for help with your initial claim may save you from having to file a Social Security appeal. The sooner that your claim is laid out fully and clearly to the Social Security Administration, the sooner you are likely to be approved. Your attorney can guide you and your physicians so that all necessary documentation is submitted with your initial claim.”

A Social Security lawyer is a valuable companion when processing disability claims also for the reasons enumerated below.

  1. Social Security laws are complicated and constantly changing. New rules and procedures are often issued by the Social Security Administration (SSA), not to mention legislation that covers only specific states and counties. A knowledgeable and truly professional attorney always keeps abreast of these changes.
  2. Disability claims are highly technical and often take years to process. Unless a claimant possesses sufficient knowledge of Social Security law, an attorney is definitely required. Various legal technicalities take a lot of time to consider, potentially turning disability claims into lengthy, exhausting battles. A lawyer can help his client through this ordeal, avoiding unnecessary difficulties along the way.
  3. Lawyers can get denied cases reconsidered. In the event that a claim gets denied, a skilled lawyer can effectively file a reconsideration to appeal the decision. Provided that the claimant – through his attorney and physicians – can provide timely, relevant information to back up the request, the case may be heard again.
  4. Lawyers can guide their clients through most things they don’t understand. A bit dazed by all of the paperwork related to your disability claim? A reliable attorney isn’t. Lawyers are licensed professionals trained to meet strict industry standards. One can really feel that their claim is in safe hands with a licensed lawyer – though success is not guaranteed, any client can rest easier because the claim is processed the right way.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your disability benefit claim, enlist the help of an experienced social security lawyer from an established law firm, such as Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. Call 877.526.3457 and put your claim’s future in the right hands today.

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