“Past Relevant Work” in a Social Security Disability Claim

Part of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) determination of an individual’s disability claim involves whether that person can perform “past relevant work.” Today, we’re going to explore exactly what this entails.

The SSA’s exact definition is “work that you have done within the past 15 years that was substantial gainful activity (SGA) and that lasted long enough for you to learn to do it.” So, if you worked a job more than 15 years ago or you did not stay with it long enough to be sufficiently familiar with its responsibilities, it is no longer valid as past relevant work.

If it’s proven that your disabilities hinder you from performing these jobs, that doesn’t mean you automatically qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Their evaluation must also show that you’re unable to handle the responsibilities of any other job in the national economy. This subsequent level of the process can be very difficult to prove due to the massive range of jobs available to American individuals today.

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