Parkersburg, WV Social Security Disability Lawyer Fights for Veterans

People who answered their country’s call to service must be taken care of – especially if circumstances behind their service entailed sacrifices that need compensation. Bobby Shuttleworth of FOX12 in Oregon has one such story:


Calvin Hopper now lives in Limestone County, but his service to his country left him with a surprise.

“In 2013, in January, I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma…. which is a small-cell lung cancer,” Hopper said.

Calvin said his road to recovery has been a bumpy one. The cause of those bumps is something you might not expect.

While they do pay for medical treatments, the VA is denying disability benefits over and over again, according to Calvin. He said he last submitted an appeal the Thursday before July 4.

The plight of Hopper, a former Marine living in Alabama, may not be that far from those of active or retired personnel in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The city is the home of the Veterans Museum of Mid-Ohio Valley and has satellite branches for Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion. If you are a disabled veteran who’s been seeking compensation for the longest time, you need a skilled Parkersburg, WV Social Security Disability lawyer.

Patients suffering from service-related medical conditions must have full documentation from several sources to better establish a picture behind the claim. Hopper said his cancer was diagnosed when he was stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina several years ago. Medical tests identified drinking water contaminated with benzene and cleaning chemicals as the source. Base command also confirmed that they knew about the contamination, which was originally discovered in 1953.

Hopper’s oncologist stated the problem in a 2012 letter to the VA, who agreed to shoulder medical expenses. The treatments included surgery to remove his right lung, confinement due to E.coli, and a series of chemo treatments. However, the latest denial of his benefits came just as the cancer reached the adrenal gland and entered Stage IV.

Credible Social Security Disability attorneys in Parkersburg, WV are well-schooled in veterans-related matters. They can assist in gathering more information to reinforce an appeal, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims as the last recourse.

No one who served their country should be left high and dry when they are fighting another battle after hanging up the uniform. A disability lawyer would make every effort to help them with their latest ordeal.

(Source: Camp Lejeune vet denied disability though doctors say service caused cancer, FOX12, 11 September 2014)

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