New Website Feature to Improve Client Communications

There are nearly 3 billion people using the internet now. The use of smartphones has made logging on even easier. Did you know that 85% of smartphone users keep their phone within an arm’s reach at all times? We live a world that is connected. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law is no different.  We’ve always embraced technology at the firm. This is especially true when it comes to making the Social Security Process better for our clients.

We are proud to introduce a new “Case Manager Contact” section of our website for our Social Security clients. It’s actually quite simple. We know that not everyone is available during normal business hours. Sometimes our clients need to contact us in the evening or at the weekend. Well, that process is easier than ever with our contact form. If you need to update us on a doctor’s appointment, emergency room visit, or change of address, you have the option to do so via our website. Granted, urgent information should still be relayed to us by phone or in person.

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The process is simple. Simply fill out the sections for your first and last name, the last four of your social security number, a valid email address, and then select one of the following: ER Visit, doctor’s appointment, or change of address. You will then be prompted to fill out additional information depending upon the option you selected previously. After everything has been filled out, simply select submit. We will then receive an electronic correspondence of your form.

In no way is this meant to replace phone calls or in person consultations. We simply wanted to provide another option to our clients who may not want to contact us by phone, or don’t have the time. The better news here is that this is one of the first steps for our improved website tools for our current clients. Look for a lot more in the near future.

To use our new feature, click here.

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