What Medical Evidence Is Most Helpful for a Successful Disability Benefits Case?

When applying for Social Security disability benefits, the more tangible evidence that supports your claim, the better. This includes detailed records, reports, and any imaging from your healthcare team.

You will provide your attorney with contact information for your treating physicians so he or she can request a written opinion of your condition. This includes your diagnosis, prognosis, and specific information about how your disability limits your day-to-day and work activities.

To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, here’s what information from your medical history will help your attorney build the best possible case:

  • A summary of your complete medical history
  • Your treating physicians’ names and contact information
  • Dates and locations of any medical tests
  • Details regarding any hospitalizations
  • A complete list of medications with dosage, prescribing doctors, and any documented side effects

If you have not received medical treatment, your attorney may be able to build a case based on consultation exams combined with testimony from you and a medical expert.

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