If Your Doctor’s Opinion Is Ignored in Your Social Security Disability Case

We have been discussing how doctors and health care practitioners can be helpful to your Social Security Disability case. But in some circumstances, they can be detrimental to your chances of success.

Even though the SSA mandates that decision makers should consider your physician’s opinion, if this contradicts other evidence in your file – especially if you’ve been examined by a Social Security doctor with a differing opinion – this increases your chances of denial.

It’s very important to have tangible X-rays, lab reports, test results and the like to prove your claim, not just the word of a licensed medical professional. Without supporting evidence, the SSA is likely to disregard your physician’s opinion entirely. Encourage your doctor to provide thorough records that show your impairments and to give explanations why the results prove you are unable to work.

Other factors that can give your healthcare practitioners’ opinions less clout include:

  • If you haven’t been seeing the doctor for a significant period of time.
  • If you did not visit him or her very frequently, especially if it’s been longer than six months since your last appointment.
  • Your doctor doesn’t display a thorough knowledge of your condition.
  • He or she doesn’t have the proper training, experience or licensure to diagnose your specific condition.

If a Social Security decision maker does not believe your doctor’s opinion holds enough weight in your case, the official must provide an explanation with your denial letter or your administrative law judge’s decision. In this case, an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney can help.

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