How to Find Your Unredeemed Savings Bonds

The Treasury Department currently holds more than $29 billion in unredeemed savings bonds. Most of them continue to be in the possession of the Treasury, while some are considered stolen, lost, or destroyed.

These matured, unredeemed bonds are no longer earning interest for their holders and are non-transferable. Although the Treasury has your name and address, it will not provide you with any form of direct notification of bond maturity—even if the bond is not in your possession.

Fortunately, an online service directory is now available to see if you have unredeemed bonds in your name. Read on to learn more about this service and how it can help you find your unredeemed savings bonds.

Accessing Your Unredeemed Savings Bonds

Nowadays, U.S. savings bonds are only available electronically. Many unredeemed savings bonds were issued more than seventy years ago as pieces of paper and may have been stashed away. You may have been given a bond as a childhood gift from a grandparent. It is also common for veterans to have bought them during service and since forgotten about them.

Thankfully, services are available to help you access your unredeemed savings bonds. The Treasury has relaunched ‘Treasury Hunt’, an online directory that allows users to look for unclaimed bonds. The more information you know about the bond, such as whose name it’s in and who bought it, the easier it will be to track it. If the Treasury Hunt finds your bonds, you will be provided with an electronic form and e-mail to start the process of reclaiming them.

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