How to Avoid Falling When The Ground is Damp

How to Avoid Falling When The Ground is Damp

Tips to Avoid a Falling Injury

This time of year, the weather tends to get pretty damp, and as we move further into fall, we need to start thinking about snow. With falling leaves, snow and ice, the risk of slipping is definitely greater. Here are some steps you can take to prevent a painful fall.


Wipe Your Feet

When you come inside on a rainy or snowy day, be sure to thoroughly wipe your feet on a floormat. Most of us do this in order to keep our floors clean, but it’s important from a safety perspective as well.


Take it Easy on the Stairs

If the streets and sidewalks are wet, you’ll want to exercise extra caution when going up or down stairs. Take it slowly, don’t run. And be sure to hold onto railings.


Don’t Take Shortcuts

In damp weather, stick to sidewalks and areas intended for pedestrian traffic. Don’t cut through grass or dirt, as there could be a greater risk of slipping when walking on surfaces not designated for walking. Water could also be deeper in those areas.


Watch Where You’re Going

It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings as a pedestrian, but it’s especially crucial when you’re walking on a damp surface. It’s best to put your mobile phone away if you’re walking. If you’re looking at your phone as you walk, you might not realize until the last moment that you’re about to bump into another pedestrian, or worse. Changing course quickly could result in falling.


Wear the Right Shoes

Shoes that give you proper traction can help minimize the risk of slipping. High heels and dress shoes aren’t always the best options. Sneakers, boots and other shoes with soles made of rubber or other waterproof materials are the safest choices.


Reach Out for Help

If you’re someone who doesn’t always feel steady on your feet, holding the hand of a friend or family member while walking on damp surfaces can be a helpful safety measure. Being able to maintain a sense of balance is more important when the risk of slipping is higher.

As the temperatures drop and the weather becomes more treacherous, the risk of falling should be taken seriously. Taking a few simple steps to ensure your safety can help you avoid serious injuries.

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