How Long Will It Take to Get a Decision Back After a Hearing?

After a hearing, one of the first things our clients ask is: “How long will it take to get my decision back?” I always respond by telling them the judge’s decision will arrive the same way as everything else: via mail. It usually takes 30-90 days to receive the determination.

I also tell my clients to read this letter carefully. Hopefully, this is the point at which they will finally be approved. If so, instructions on what to do next will be included in the letter. More than 50% of all cases heard before the Administrative Law Judge are approved.

I am always so happy when one of my clients gets a favorable decision at the hearing level. In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s a victory for me too. I work with our clients on a daily basis and really get to know them.

However, some of my clients are denied at this point. They can either file a new claim, starting the process all over, or they can appeal to the Appeals Council. If you are in this situation and do not have an attorney, you may consider hiring one at this point.

When a claim is at the hearing level, it really helps to have the knowledge and experience of someone who has been through it before. This is why so many individuals turn to the attorneys and staff of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. Give us a call about your claim today. Our toll-free number is 877.526.3457.  Or if you’d prefer to contact us online, please fill out this form and we will respond to you shortly.

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