Disability Claim Denied? Call a Social Security Disability Lawyer ASAP

Disability Claim DeniedWest Virginians who apply for social security disability are often faced with a rather expensive lifestyle and a number of potentially unpleasant decisions, should their applications be denied. The first is usually to contemplate giving up, or face the grueling task of starting all over again. If you’re currently battling this dilemma, there is a third option, which is more favorable and presents a higher chance of success.

If, for some reason, your application has been rejected, a practical alternative would be to get in touch with a social security disability lawyer immediately. From 2016, the insurance program for social security disability will only be able to pay out about 81% of the statutory benefits, unless an intervention is enacted by the U.S. Congress to replenish the fund. If that doesn’t happen soon, a lawyer may be your only hope of getting your application approved and receiving benefits.

Statistically, most social security disability claims are denied at the initial stage of application, but sometimes, the fault may not necessarily reside with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Rather, it may be due to some errors or neglected details in your application. Having a disability lawyer beside you when you make your claim significantly reduces the chances of these mistakes occurring.

If you protest a denied claim and the case needs to go to a hearing (usually presided over by an administrative law judge), a social security disability attorney can help you develop your case properly and legally represent you so that your odds of winning will be much higher. Of course, you can win your hearing without any legal help at all, but considering what’s at stake, is that really a chance you’d be willing to take?

Another factor for consideration would be the fact that even if you do win your claim, the ‘alleged onset date’ for payments may not be as favorable as you would expect. This date usually determines how much you are eligible to receive in backpay. If your claim is approved at a much later date than the date you alleged that your disability actually began, the amount of backpay you could be forfeiting can reach up to several thousand dollars.

For disability claimants in Huntington, WV, getting in touch with a reputable law firm to help you handle your application is so easy, you probably don’t even have to leave your home. For example, Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law offers phone appointments and interviews, while all the necessary paperwork can simply be faxed or e-mailed to them. Coping with disability is stressful enough so getting the legal help you need shouldn’t have to be.



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