Disability Benefits for Tendonitis

Disability Benefits for Tendonitis

When tendons that connect muscles to bones become inflamed, it can result in chronic pain known as tendonitis. This condition may make you unable to work, qualifying you for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. This determination is made through an evaluation by the Social Security Administration, which will consider past medical records, work history, and other relevant factors.

What is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis occurs when tendons in the joint become inflamed, causing pain and limiting your range of motion, often observed in wrist movements. This inflammation can be caused by repetitive movement over extended periods and may lead to swelling and stiffness. Tendonitis is more common among individuals suffering from arthritis or autoimmune disorders.

People who are engaged in repetitive work, heavy labor, or even office jobs involving frequent typing may be more likely to experience tendonitis. While the condition may improve with rest, the symptoms often resume upon returning to work.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits With Tendonitis

To qualify for SSDI, individuals must demonstrate that tendonitis symptoms are severe enough to last at least a year and prevent them from working. This proof may include medical evidence such as X-rays, results from a physical exam, and a diagnosis from a doctor.

Although tendonitis is not directly listed in the SSA Blue Book, it can be considered under other listings, such as major dysfunction of a joint. This may require you to complete a Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) assessment. The Social Security Administration will then evaluate whether symptoms are severe enough to prevent full-time work.

It is important to have consistent medical treatment after a tendonitis diagnosis to demonstrate you have tried all possible means of getting better. This is vital to show that the SSDI is a last resort for managing chronic pain.

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