Did You Know You Can View ALJ Disposition Data?

While having a solid case and experienced legal representation can help give your Social Security Disability appeal its best chance for success, the particular administrative law judge (ALJ) assigned to a case can also be a major contributing factor.

As we’ve discussed before, a small percentage of judges have garnered criticism for their lenience—and others are notoriously strict in their decisions compared to the average 58% acceptance rate.

The SSA has responded to this criticism by making each ALJ’s approval percentages public, publishing ALJ Disposition Data on their website. The ALJ disposition data consist of hearing office name, total dispositions, decisions, allowances, denials, and fully favorable or partially favorable decisions.

If you go to http://www.ssa.gov/appeals/DataSets/03_ALJ_Disposition_Data.html, SSA provides you with the “ALJ disposition data” for all Administrative Law Judges “ALJ”s across the country.

If you’ve applied for SSDI or SSI and received a denial of benefits the SSA will not reconsider, having someone with experience in your corner can be beneficial as you face an administrative law judge – no matter how his or her record leans.

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