Depression, Electroconvulsive Therapy, and Social Security Disability

According to the Social Security Disability Evaluation, severe depression is listed as an impairment that may be proven eligible for disability benefits.

If an individual’s depression is severe enough or unresponsive to treatment, sometimes a healthcare practitioner will prescribe electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). This is usually considered a measure to be taken only in extreme cases as there are considerable potential risks.

If you’ve undergone ECT, it may make a huge difference in your Social Security disability case. It lends credibility to the severity of your case with more weight than medical records and Social Security function reports alone. Since this treatment is usually a last resort, it is not taken lightly and shows that your impairments have been severe enough to necessitate such measures.

Also important to note, individuals with severe depression can suffer from short-term memory loss and struggle with their cognitive thinking and concentration. Since these are also potential side effects of electroconvulsive therapy, these impairments are given more weight when someone has undergone ECT.

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