Debunking the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST)

If you’re suffering from a physical or mental condition that renders you unable to work, you could be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. But the unfortunate truth is that many individuals never apply under the false assumption that the process costs too much time and effort with little chance of success.

If this describes your hesitation, there’s a way you can figure out if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits – through a free, anonymous tool offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) called the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool (BEST). And the best news? It only takes about ten minutes.

The BEST asks you for information such as your birth date, your spouse’s birth date, the date you got married, financial records and your earnings history for the Supplemental Security Income benefits. In order to learn which programs you’re eligible for, it’s best to be as accurate and detailed as possible – and you can be because the test is anonymous and secure. It will never ask you for your Social Security number.

While the BEST isn’t an official application and won’t tell you how much you’ll receive in benefits per month, the SSA’s website has additional tools that will calculate this approximate figure for you once you’ve determined that you are eligible. In order to be anonymous and secure, the website will not save your information, so we recommend that you print it to refer to at a later date if need be.

If the BEST determines you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, the expert staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can fight for the benefits you deserve and help make the process easy and successful from the start.

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