COVID-19 Scams

COVID-19 Scams

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to know that your Social Security benefits will not be suspended.

However, the Social Security Administration warns of fraudulent letters being sent to Social Security recipients that threaten the suspension of benefits due to the pandemic.

Many of these letters have been delivered in the mail, and state that the recipient’s benefits will be suspended unless they call a phone number provided in the letter. The scammers then mislead the individual into giving them personal information, or sending cash or money via wire transfer.

Similar messages received via email should be considered scams, as well.

The Social Security Administration states that it will not:

  • threaten Social Security recipients with the suspension of benefits, arrest, or legal action unless a fine is paid
  • promise a benefit in exchange for information or payment
  • require payment by cash, wire transfer, gift card, internet currency, or prepaid debit card
  • demand you keep a Social Security-related problem to yourself
  • send official letters or reports by email

As we navigate these sometimes confusing times, it’s important we be aware of these kinds of scams so we can protect ourselves.

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