Continuing Disability Reviews, Part 1

Once you are granted social security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI) the Social Security Administration (SSA) will require you to be periodically assessed to see if your condition has changed. These reviews are called “continuing disability reviews” (CDRs).

If the SSA finds that your disability has improved and you are no longer unable to work because of your condition, your benefits may be stopped. However, a CDR is typically easier to pass than the initial qualifying exam.

There is no set schedule for CDRs. The frequency of your CDRs will depend on your age and your disability. Typically a CDR will take place between three to five years. If you’re under the age of 50, a CDR will most likely occur more frequently.

If your disability is expected to improve the first CDR could happen in less than three years. Disabilities that are not expected to improve, such as an amputation, could have longer gaps than five years. However, even if a condition is never expected to improve, a CDR will still be necessary.

Unscheduled Continuing Disability Reviews

Sometimes the SSA will want you to have an unscheduled CDR if any of the following events happen.

  • Returning to work.
  • You inform the SSA that your condition has improved.
  • Medical evidence shows your condition has improved.
  • A third-party informs the SSA that you are not following your treatment protocol.
  • A new treatment for your disabling condition has recently been introduced.

CDRs are not intended to be scary, but sometimes they can be. If you need help preparing for a CDR or appealing a denial based on a CDR call a knowledgeable Social Security benefits lawyer like Jan Dils Attorneys at Law. These attorneys have the skill and experience needed to fight for the benefits you deserve.

If you want more information about CDRs come back next week for part 2. We’ll discuss CDRs for children, details about the process and other important topics.

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