Compensation for IED Injuries

Compensation for IED Injuries

Improvised explosive devices, also known as IEDs or “homemade” bombs, can inflict serious damage, incapacitate someone, or even kill them. They come in a variety of forms, including small pipe bombs, pressure plate IEDs that are triggered by weight, and command-detonated explosives.

Each year, improvised explosive devices cause thousands of injuries and fatalities, often due to militant groups and terrorists in conflicts around the world. The damage from these attacks extends beyond physical injuries, instilling fear and disrupting communities globally. While civilians are often harmed by these devices, most Americans who are harmed tend to be Veterans or government contractors.

It may be possible to secure financial compensation for these types of incidents – even for family members who lost loved ones and require a wrongful death claim.

Common IED Injuries

The injuries that can result from IEDs depend on multiple factors including the type of explosive used and the person’s distance from the explosion. The leading cause of death for initial survivors of an IED explosion is blast lung injury, a condition caused by extreme pressure damage to the lungs. Since IEDs create a high-pressure explosion, it is common for shrapnel, fragments, and other debris from the surrounding area to be thrown by the blast, resulting in fragmentation, or penetrating injuries.

The explosion can also throw victims into another object or structure nearby, causing fractures, amputations, and blunt force trauma to the musculoskeletal system.

It is also common to experience thermal injuries, either from direct contact with hot surfaces, flash burns from the rapid increase in temperature, or thermal radiation burns to the skin, mouth, sinuses, and lungs. Other injuries include exposure to toxic substances, crush damage, and the exacerbation of pre-existing health conditions, like PTSD, TBI, and respiratory diseases.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney About Getting Compensated for IED Injuries

If you were injured in an IED attack, whether as a civilian or a Veteran, you may be entitled to compensation. If you either (1) served in Iraq post-2004 or Afghanistan post-2006, (2) were the victim of an attack on a specific date, or (3) you suffered a physical injury or a PTSD diagnosis from an IED attack, then you should contact our experienced Personal Injury attorneys today to discuss your eligibility for a lawsuit.

Family members of Veterans or others who were killed by an IED can also file a wrongful death suit and be compensated for the untimely loss of their loved one.

We understand the significant effects that an IED attack can have on your physical, mental, and psychological health, not to mention your finances to get treated. Our firm is here to guide and support you throughout the process to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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