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With disability benefit programs, the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) assists working individuals suffering from debilitating illnesses through cash benefit provisions. The SSA implements strict guidelines with their own medical criteria to define the disability for a benefit program. Applicants might very well consult a Charleston social security lawyer who can help them with the process so they can improve their chances.

Application for Social Security Card

To receive disability incentives, the injury or condition sustained by the applicant has to be proven to last for at least one year, or is determined to be permanent, thereby impairing him from doing a substantial amount of work. Most chronic illnesses like congestive heart failure and last stage cancers are undoubtedly crippling, with most cases developing into permanent disabilities or even death. However, minor physical injuries and mental illnesses are difficult to establish as a disability that can be compensated with cash incentives.

Social security law firms like Jan Dils Attorneys at Law guide their clients through every step of the complicated and tedious application process until they receive their appropriate compensation claim. Lawyers from these firms help applicants recognize the difficulty of how the SSA determines eligibility, and further provides assistance in case they would need to file an appeal for denied claims. Regardless what step of the process or part of the law, clients of these firms are guaranteed of expert legal advice to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Given that qualification entails a physical or mental impairment, the applicant would still not receive any incentives if he earns more than the prescribed substantial gainful activity (SGA). Meanwhile, an applicant who earns income within the SGA limit will then have his file delivered to the Disability Determination Service (DDS) agency in his state to evaluate the severity of the disability. The DDS has a comprehensive list of illnesses, derived from federal regulations, where the reviewer shall see if the applicant’s condition is equivalent to any of the listed items.

After this rigorous review, the SSA will still have to assess if other kinds of jobs may still be performed even with the illness. Because of these strict regulations, applicants are better off with an experienced Charleston social security disability lawyer to help them know if they may gain some benefits amid their predicament. An exception goes, of course, for senior applicants or those over 50 or 55, who are most likely suitable for disability benefits from the SSA.


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