Charleston Social Security Lawyer Guides Clients through SSA Rules

In preparation for the possibility of the Social Security Administration tightening their finances in the future, the government agency is seriously considering strict implementation of regulations, involving the approval of benefits applications like the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). The Wall Street Journal correspondent Jennifer Waters recently reported on how strict SSA’s rules already are on SSDI applications:

“The rules are strict: The infirmity must be so debilitating that it renders you incapable of performing “substantial” work in any industry, not just the job type you were in before the disability. The medical condition is expected to last at least a year or result in death.

You must have paid into Social Security for certain periods of time, depending on your age when the disability occurred. …

SSDI replaces some lost income, but the 2014 average monthly disability check of $1,146, or an annual $13,752, is not much above the nation’s poverty level of $11,670 for an individual.


The rules governing return to work are so complicated that the agency assumes beneficiaries are unsure when they have to report that they are working. Still, it must rely on you to report these changes promptly.”

The proposal to strictly implement SSA rules on benefits applications is seen as necessary to ensure that only those that qualify can avail of the supplementary income. However, people also point out that it may also give a hard time to legitimate applicants as this would necessitate the exertion of more effort on top of the condition or disability they are coping with. In light of such events, differently abled individuals may seek the help of an experienced Charleston social security lawyer, such as Jan Dils and any of her associates.

A reliable social security lawyer in Charleston will guide his or her clients throughout the entire process of filing, processing and claiming social security benefits from the SSA. Using their understanding of the laws relating to social services, these lawyers will provide the necessary assistance, such as the preparation of paperwork that needs to be filed and the attachment of supporting documents. They will also make sure that every filing is made on or before the prescribed deadlines, and that all documents submitted are complete and verifiable.

SSA rules are naturally strict as the government agency is tasked to manage funds that are vital to the distribution of social services to the general public. When disabled applicants and other benefits claimants are unsure of what they should do, lawyers are always ready to give them guidance and assistance.

(Source: Social Security’s Strict Disability Rules: Free Riding is Not as Easy as Many Seems to Think, Jennifer Waters, September 20, 2014)

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