Can Social Security Disability Benefits be Garnished?

The answer to this question ” Can Social Security Be Garnished? ” is, sometimes. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits cannot be garnished because they are protected. However, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be garnished by certain creditors.


SSDI benefits cannot be garnished to pay for debt from credit cards, personal loans and cannot social security be garnished for medical bills, or other such debt. This doesn’t mean the creditor can’t take any of your money. If you owe money to one of the above-listed creditors they can get a court order to freeze your bank account.

There are some limits on how much money they can freeze. When a creditor contacts your bank to start garnishing your wages, the bank must look at your account and see how much of the money came from SSDI payments in the past two months. Once they have added everything up, the bank must protect that amount from garnishments.

Here’s an example- If you get $1,000 every month in SSDI benefits the bank will protect up to $2,000 in your account. Anything over $2,000 is fair game.

If the debt is from federal taxes, federal student loans, alimony, child support, or other sources of federal debt, benefits can be garnished. The Feds can take up to 100% of your SSDI payment if they see fit.

If you are on social security disability benefits and owe money to creditors it’s important to know why can social security be garnished and can’t garnish. Don’t let creditors unjustly take away your much-needed disability benefits.

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