Can Alcoholics Get Social Security Disability?

SSD Benefits for Alcoholics

In the United States, there are more than 24.5 million people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. This number is both alarming and unsettling. Addicts need help but rarely get it.Can alcoholics get disability benefits?

When you combine addiction with low income and no job prospects, it creates a situation that’s almost impossible to get out of.

In an effort to get help, addicts will sometimes explore the option of social security disability benefits. But the question is “Can Alcoholics get Social Security Disability?”. Much to their dismay, there are no disability benefits designated exclusively for drug or alcohol addiction as the SSA does not consider drug addiction or alcoholism to be a qualifying disability.

This doesn’t mean an addiction will disqualify you from disability benefits. It just means that you must have another condition(s), physical or mental, that prevents you from working. In other words, For example, if an individual suffers from depression and anxiety but also abuses alcohol they must prove that their depression and anxiety prevents them from working even when they are sober.

Keep in mind, even if the medical condition was caused by the abuse of drugs or alcohol you may still qualify. For example, if your alcoholism caused liver damage or seizures, you could receive benefits if these conditions prevent you from working.

Beating addiction isn’t easy, but there is a help. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction a great place to start looking for help is DrugAbuse.gov.

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