Benefits of Hiring a Local Lawyer (Versus an Out-of-State Competitor)

Benefits of Hiring a Local Lawyer (Versus an Out-of-State Competitor)

Hiring an out-of-state attorney may seem like a good idea if he or she is from a large firm with a good reputation. However, an out-of-state lawyer may lack familiarity with your local court system, which could cause issues with your claim. Thankfully, a local attorney thoroughly understands the legal complexities that come with regional claims. This is just one of the many benefits of hiring a local lawyer versus an out-of-state competition—read on to learn more.

Knowledge of Local Laws

Every jurisdiction has its own set of rules and statutes that vary from state to state. Therefore, your attorney needs to have a vast knowledge of the local laws and how the court system works. Each court has different ways of hearing cases, and an out-of-state attorney could harm your case if he or she is unaware of the local laws.

An in-state attorney also has extensive experience working with the local court system and handling cases similar to yours. This experience can prove extremely valuable as a local lawyer works to develop a strong and comprehensive argument. Knowledge of the local court system and the individuals involved could help your attorney present your case in the most effective way possible.

Stress-Free Convenience

Travel can be a crucial factor when deciding to hire a local attorney versus an out-of-state lawyer. With a local lawyer, you can regularly meet in person to discuss your case at length. An out-of-state attorney may be reluctant to meet with you and take your case because of the distance you would have to travel to meet frequently. Being able to discuss your case with an attorney regularly and in person can help make the process less stressful.

Great Reputation

The reputation of your attorney is critical when it comes to arguing your case in court. A local lawyer is likely familiar with the judges, court staff, and other attorneys in his or her jurisdiction. Attorneys also want to maintain a positive reputation and relationship with these individuals, so he or she will likely come prepared with a thorough plan to protect your case. Lawyers with local relationships in his or her “home court” could also have an advantage in litigation, since he or she may know which arguments may prove more effective with certain judges.

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