Back Pain and Social Security Disability Benefits

Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

According to the American Chiropractic Association, an estimated 31 million Americans reportedly suffer from back pain due to various causes. Whether the result of a musculoskeletal problem, something to do with nervous system or a more underlying condition, countless individuals find themselves debilitated by pain that’s difficult to manage and renders them unable to work.

If this describes your situation, debilitating back pain may be preventing you from making ends meet. But there is help available, Social Security Disability benefits you may be entitled to based on your medical documentation and past work experience.

But the problem lies in the way the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines eligibility for these disability programs. They will try to find loopholes they can use to assert that an individual is exaggerating his or her pain or other opinions that lean toward denial of a claim.

For this reason, having the right medical evidence to support your back pain and its disabling nature is crucial. And having an expert Social Security Disability Attorney on your side is just as important – especially early in the process.

Whether you’re just beginning to explore filing a Social Security Disability claim or your initial application has been denied, the experienced staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, can help you navigate a system that’s designed to deny most claims and fight for the benefits you deserve so you can concentrate on your medical needs.

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