Social Security Disability Insurance For Back Pain

Did you know the number one cause that renders Americans unable to work is back pain? It’s the unfortunate truth. 1 in every 10 individuals suffers from a debilitating condition such as degenerative disc disease, nerve root compression, spinal stenosis, arachnoiditis or paralysis that affects their daily activities.

If you’re unable to work due to debilitating back pain or spinal injury, and this has lasted at least 12 months or can be expected to last at least 12 months, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

It’s important to have thorough medical evaluation and documentation of your condition such as X-rays and MRIs to build a solid case and prove how much your back pain affects your day-to-day life. Thorough communication with your healthcare provider will also help in establishing a case for SSDI.

Another critical component to an SSA evaluation is the residual function capacity (RFC), which determines the most you can be expected to do with all of your limitations considered. These items relate to sitting, standing, lifting and walking.

Severe back pain and spinal injuries can be devastating, but Social Security Disability benefits can offer some relief when you’re unable to work. The staff of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, has years of experience in building strong cases – handling every detail from the initial claim to the appeals process so you can approach your case with confidence.

If you believe you may be eligible for SSDI due to debilitating back pain, contact us today to schedule your 100% free initial consultation. Let us fight for the benefits you deserve!

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