Appeals Stand a Chance with a Social Security Lawyer in Charleston

Have you been denied for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Nothing is more discouraging than being denied social service disability benefits which you know you deserve. Instead of losing all hope, however, contact a social security lawyer in Charleston to handle your appeal. Here are some tips on what are the best moves to make after a disability claimed is denied.

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Beat the Deadline

In many successful denied application turnarounds, re-applying was not the answer…appealing the decision was. Don’t stay discouraged for too long; there’s a deadline to beat for appeals which is within 60 days after denial. Whether you do the appeal yourself or resort to legal representation, your goal is to put your appeal request on record soonest.

Appealing is the Way to Go

Interestingly enough, statistics show many denied disability claims are seldom appealed. Applicants either give up altogether, appeal after the deadline expires, or file a brand new claim. Legal experts—like those working with Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law—advise against this because the end result will be the same.

Better Odds with Appealing

Simply put, the SSA committee will disapprove a new application for the exact reason the previous one was. Filing a new application, either because someone thought it was a good idea or missed the appeal deadline, is simply a waste of valuable time.

What to Do After a Denial

First, figure out why your case was denied. A notice of denial from the SSA will contain a brief description of your medical condition, the impairments that were considered, the medical and nonmedical records that were studied, and an explanation for the denial. Consider hiring a social security disability lawyer in Charleston to plan how the appeal will be carried out.

Denial Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Disabled

The fact that your disability claim wasn’t approved doesn’t make you any less disabled—it just means the evidence presented wasn’t compelling enough or there was proof that you aren’t disabled at all. The point is not to give up; the mere fact that it was denied means there are still chances for you and your attorney to appeal your case and hopefully get an approval.

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