An Explanation of the Child Assessment Domains # 6

Child Assessment Domains #6

This Blog is the last one in the series of my previous blogs regarding proving children disabled.  I will be providing some specific examples of limitations in each domain to help you better understand what must exist and be documented to prove your child disabled.


Health and Physical Well Being

  • Has generalized symptoms caused by an impairment(s) (for example: tiredness due to depression).
  • Has somatic complaints related to an impairment(s) (for example: epilepsy).
  • Has chronic medication side effects (for example: dizziness).
  • Needs frequent treatment or therapy (for example: multiple surgeries or chemotherapy).
  • Experiences periodic exacerbations (for example: pain crises in sickle cell anemia).
  • Needs intensive medical care as a result of being medically fragile.


Please keep in mind that these examples are not all inclusive but just a brief review of SOME of the limitations that may exist. Also, not all examples will be appropriate for children of all ages.

I hope this series of blogs helped shed some light on the many questions concerning what it takes to prove a child disabled.

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