Am I Eligible for a Fast-track Decision

Am I Eligible for a Fast-track Decision

Am I Eligible for a Fast-track Decision About My Social Security Disability Benefits?

 As you probably know, after you’ve filed your Social Security Disability (SSDI) claim, it can take quite a while for Social Security to reach a decision. However, there are some conditions that might make you eligible for a fast-track decision.

These types of disabilities are called Compassionate Allowances, and they can shorten the processing time for an SSDI claim. There are currently around 230 of them, and you can read the full list here. Most of them are severe conditions that advance quickly and may result in death. You do not have to apply for Compassionate Allowances, as Social Security has software that screens applications for these conditions.

There are other situations that may result in a fast-track decision, as well. They include:

  • Applicants whose condition has reached a terminal stage
  • Serious and imminent situations in the claimant’s life, such as the likelihood they will soon become homeless
  • Claims for Veterans who became disabled while on active duty

Your case may be fast-tracked if you are approved for Quick Disability Determination (QDD). The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a computer modeling program that analyzes cases for a range of factors making it likely the claimant will be found to be disabled. In these cases, the disability claims examiner doesn’t have to request that a medical consultant look at your file if they want to approve you. Your case could potentially be approved within 15-20 days if your medical records are complete and the date on which your disability began can be easily determined.

Your case may also be expedited if it is considered a “dire need” case. If the claimant doesn’t have the resources to get food, medicine or shelter, the SSA will approach the case as critical. There are a number of factors that can help demonstrate dire need, such as notification of eviction, copies of medical bills, a letter from your homeless shelter stating you’re no longer eligible for services, and more.

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