20 Years – Then and Now

Back to the Future

As you may know, we’ve been celebrating our 20th anniversary all month long! Things are certainly different in 2014 than they were in the ’90s—the hair, the clothes, the music. Although we’re still a long way from the flying cars that Back to the Future predicted.

Take a look at what life was like 20 years ago, at the very beginning of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, compared to now…


20th Jan Dils attorney


Top Song

1994: “Sign” by Ace of Base

2014: “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry


Top Movie

1994: Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

2014: Lego Movie


Superbowl Champs

1994: Dallas Cowboys

2014: Seattle Seahawks


Ford Explorer

1994: 160 Horsepower

2014: 240-365 Horsepower


Maybe by our 40th anniversary, the new Ford Explorer will be a flying model…

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