April 2020 Golden Apple Award

The final months of Karen Sprout’s teaching career have been nothing short of memorable.

With a global pandemic amongst us, our April 2020 Golden Apple Award winner continues to impact the day to day lives of her students. Although we aren’t able to present her award in person, the honor she deserves remains the same.

Mrs. Sprout has many wonderful ways of showing how much she cares for each student. One of those special activities happening in her classroom is the awarding of “Super Student Cards”. These cards are notes from Sprout to each student and their parents encouraging teamwork and acknowledging areas where the student has greatly improved or excelled.

“I just like that freshness and the excitement they have for school and I love instilling that love of learning in them. I want them to be life-long learners and I want them to love being at school,” Karen added.

With 15 years in the classroom, and 8 at Lubeck Elementary as a Pre-K teacher, Karen encourages parents to spend as much time with their children as they can – explaining how magical and special it can be to be the parent of a young child.

When asked what she will miss most about teaching when she is retired, she simply said, “everything”.

Sprout will officially be presented the Jan Dils Golden Apple Award and gift from Baker & Baker Jewelers in the coming weeks, once social distancing orders have been lifted.

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