Working with Multiple Doctors on Your Social Security Disability Claim

In our last few blog posts, we’ve been discussing working with a doctor in your Social Security Disability claim. But what if you see multiple healthcare practitioners? How should this be handled differently? Which one should have the most priority? Can you submit more than one doctor letter? What if their information conflicts? We’ll tell you more.

First of all, it’s important to know that you can submit as many doctor letters in your Social Security Disability claim as you’d like. In fact, each of your healthcare practitioners who are treating you for the disabling condition(s) in question should, at the very least, submit a medical source statement.

For example, if you’re suffering from one or more physical impairments and/or a mental impairment, you should have statements from your primary care physician and each specialist you’re working with, especially if you’ve been seeing them for a while. Healthcare practitioners who are well-versed in your case can better shed light on the disabling nature of your condition(s) than, say, an SSA doctor.

Each doctor’s letter or detailed medical source statement should focus on:

  • What your limitations are and their specific causes
  • When you were diagnosed
  • Which treatments you’ve undergone
  • Records of any tests or imaging studies and their findings
  • Their expert opinion about what you ARE able to do despite your condition(s)

As we mentioned before, supporting evidence from a doctor carries significant weight in a Social Security Disability case. Having complementary information from each of your healthcare practitioners can help even more.

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