Who is Liable for Your Side-Impact Car Accident Injuries?

Who is Liable for Your Side-Impact Car Accident Injuries?

Liability in car accident cases usually factors in everything that occurred before, during, and after the crash. The accident may have happened in a street due to certain road conditions, a driver may have been from out of state without knowing the rules of the road in West Virginia, either party may have been intoxicated, or both may be at fault for the collision. It is the responsibility of lawyers, insurance companies, police officers who respond to the call, and the courts to determine who is liable for your side-impact car accident injuries.

Determining How the Side-Impact Car Accident Happened

The circumstances surrounding a side-impact auto accident are pertinent to discovering what happened and who bears liability for the “T-bone” collision. Common cause of side-impact crashes include:

  • Someone running a red light;
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence;
  • Hazardous weather conditions;
  • Distracted driving, potentially involving a handheld device; and
  • Other reckless driving behaviors.

Otherwise, a T-bone accident usually occurs when a driver does not yield to oncoming traffic in an intersection and instead continues to drive through it. This may be at a normal 4-way intersection or at a three-way stop.

Injuries Commonly Sustained in T-Bone Collisions

Anyone injured in a side-impact car crash may suffer from physical and psychological damage. Common injuries include:

How is Liability for a Side-Impact Crash Determined?

The driver who failed to yield is generally at-fault when the oncoming driver had the right-of-way. The drivers or witnesses may have photos or videos of the damage from the crash and surrounding area. There may also be surveillance footage if the intersection had a traffic camera. This evidence combined can be used to determine liability for the side-impact motor vehicle accident, but it takes a skilled lawyer to put the pieces together and effectively demand compensation for all resulting damages.

Speak with an Attorney about Who May be Liable for Your Side-Impact Car Accident Injuries

If you or a loved one were recently involved in a side-impact car crash, you should receive medical aid immediately if able. Doing so could mean the difference between a minor and life-threatening injury, depending on how severe the crash was. Speaking with an attorney can ensure that you receive proper representation when fighting for justice. Let our team of lawyers help determine who is liable for your side-impact car accident injuries. Call today to get help.

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