What are the Odds of Getting Approved for Disability Benefits?

The odds of getting approved for social security disability benefits all depend on a few key factors. On average, 35% of claimants get approved on the first application, 10% get approved if they appeal a denial of their application which is called a reconsideration, and approximately 50% get approved during an Administrative Law Judge hearing.

Odds of Getting Approved for Disability Benefits

Keep in mind that these numbers are rough at best, and they’re based off the application pool at the time. So it doesn’t mean your application has a 35% chance of getting approved the first time, it simply means at the time these numbers were calculated 35% were approved.

It’s impossible to make a generic statement about everyone’s odds of getting approved. Your odds of getting approved can be completely different than the applicant behind you, because your situations are most likely completely different.

As we mentioned above, there are a few key factors that will decide your odds of getting approved. Once you have gathered all the information listed below, you should check with your local Social Security disability benefits lawyer to see what your chances are. Here are five factors that will determine your odds of getting approved.

Medical RecordMedical records– The devil is in the details. The more detailed medical records you have the better. In order to get approved, you’ll obviously need a solid medical diagnosis, and having documentation that shows treatments and tests that lead up to the official diagnosis of your disability will be helpful.

It’s also important to make sure you and your doctor are on the same page. If you tell a slightly different story about your condition than your doctor, your case might seem weak. Be sure you don’t exaggerate any conditions or symptoms.


Vocational factors– Everything in your background including your age, work history, education, and work skills can all Hard Working Manplay a part in your application. These vocational factors play a big role in your chances of getting approved. Typically, applicants with a wide range of work skills who are under the age of 55 and are well educated get approved less.

The reason is that the SSA thinks well educated young people will be able to transfer their work skills easier than older less educated people. This isn’t always the case, and younger people have won plenty of cases. In these cases, it’s important to have a firm grasp of all SSA rules and regulations.


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Determination– This might be the biggest factor in getting approved. Forget all the other factors, if you aren’t willing to jump through hoops, and fall in line with the SSA you probably won’t get approved. Very few cases get approved on the first application so you need to be ready for a fight. You need to have the right expectations going in or you’ll likely be hit with a fair amount of disappointment.


Trying to waltz into your local SSA office for the first time expecting to get approved right off the bat, is setting yourself up for failure. Getting approved isn’t easy, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.



Medical Evaluation– Not only do you need to have detailed medical records, the content of your medical evaluation can make or break your claim. Your diagnosis needs to be clearly defined and show that your disability prevents you from working.Doctor with his file

One common mistake is thinking that having any old doctor’s note will get you approved. The SSA has a format they want your doctor to evaluate you with. A residual functional capacity form is commonly used for this sort of test. An RFC measures your ability to do different work related functions and the SSA typically wants to see where you score on the RFC.



Social Security AttorneyLawyer– A lot of people try to avoid lawyers at all cost, but if you’re applying for disability benefits a lawyer can be your best friend. When going through your first disability application it’s impossible to know all the obstacles in your way or all the rules and regulations the SSA has.

This is why you need to make sure the lawyer you hire specializes in disability law. The attorneys and staff at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law are dedicated to social security law and have been for years. As social security specialists, they are knowledgeable about the rules and regulations set by the SSA. They also offer free case evaluations with no upfront cost to you.

So there you have it. The odds of getting approved for social security benefits depend on your unique situation, but these five factors play a big role in your success. If you’re applying for benefits, make sure to pay close attention to these five factors.

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