Understanding Hernia Mesh: Risks, Complications, and Legal Options

Understanding Hernia Mesh: Risks, Complications, and Legal Options

The abdomen is a vital part of the body because it allows for movement while holding the organs in place and regulating abdominal pressure. Sometimes, it is possible for a gap to exist between the muscular wall, known as a hernia. Hernias can sometimes be detected when you experience pain or discomfort when bending down. Many people have hernia mesh inserted to help support their abdomen but it is not uncommon for this device to break down or cause injury. When this occurs, a trusted product liability attorney could represent you in pursuit of compensation.

What is Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is a surgical implant designed to support weakened abdominal tissues and prevent the recurrence of hernias. It is typically made of synthetic materials or animal tissue and is placed over the weakened area during surgery. The mesh acts as a scaffold, promoting tissue growth and providing additional support to the repaired area. It has achieved widespread use due to its effectiveness in reducing hernia recurrence rates.

Safety Concerns and Complications

While hernia mesh has been widely utilized in surgical procedures, there are safety concerns associated with certain types of implants. Complications can arise post-surgery, leading to discomfort and sometimes requiring additional medical intervention. Some common complications include infection, chronic pain, adhesion (where tissues stick together abnormally), bowel obstruction, bulging, internal bleeding, fistula formation, seroma (fluid buildup), and organ perforation. These complications could significantly impact a patient’s quality of life and may necessitate further medical treatment.

Individuals who have experienced complications following hernia mesh surgery may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers responsible for the defective implants. Criteria for eligibility typically include experiencing one or more of the above-mentioned complications and having undergone hernia mesh surgery. Patients should consult with a lawyer first on the viability of their claim.

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For individuals considering legal action regarding hernia mesh complications, you will need to work closely with legal counsel. Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, could provide legal support to those affected by defective medical devices, including hernia mesh implants. If we do not recover for you, then you owe us absolutely nothing. We only take a fee for our services unless we obtain a recovery for you, which is known as a contingency. We offer free consultations to evaluate individual cases and provide guidance on potential legal options. Do not let the injuries of this medical device cause you to suffer financially. Contact us today.

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