Social Security Gov. Shutdown

Social Security Gov. Shutdown

Social Security Payments Continue During Government Shutdown

Limited services available in field offices during funding lapse.

Throughout the summer, we have spoken a great deal about the health risks of the coronavirus. But we are also approaching October 1, 2020 the time the federal budget appropriations are created. Congress has spent much of this year necessarily focused on the coronavirus. As a result, neither chamber has passed a single spending bill for 2021. Are we headed for another government shutdown in the fall?


In 2020, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Administration both raised benefits with an uptick in maximum federal SSI payment increasing $12 per month and SSDI up $50 depending on withholdings. The Social Security Administration (SSA) can withhold $1 in benefits for every $2 in earned income above the $18,240 threshold.


hat Can We Expect in 2021? Will There Be a Shutdown?


The Senate begins the 2021 appropriations process with similarly good intentions. With COVID-19 and police reform in committee, we can predict at some point before October 1, Congress and the president will enact a short-term continuing resolution that will fund the government until after the November elections.

But uncertainty continues and, with COVID-19, we have been facing furloughs similar to those experienced in a shutdown. In this communication, we talk a little bit about a partial government shutdown and the impact it typically has on those relying on SSI and SSDI.


Government Shutdown and Impact to Social Security Disability

The bottom line is that until a budget passes, Social Security benefit payments will continue to be distributed on schedule to individuals receiving Social Security, SSDI and SSI income. During COVID-19, offices are open virtually but only to perform select services. As an example, most of you should have received your stimulus checks.


If you’re already on SSI, SSDI or retirement, then a government shutdown should not affect your benefit payments. As the partial shutdown wears on, however, it’s possible that more employees will be put on furlough, disrupting some services such as processing new SSDI applications and appeals.

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